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Creating Innovative and Sustainable Spaces

“Designed to Last, Built for Life”


We are Mastro 5 Design & Construction, a building company that works with the objective of designing innovative and sustainable spaces. We offer perfect solutions for eco-friendly spaces, capitalising on innovative concepts such as passive solar design and creating structures that are not only visually appealing, but meant to last for life and beyond.

Mastro 5 Design is one of the leading builders in Canberra providing construction services Canberra-wide. Mastro 5 Design has many years of experience in all aspects of building. Our builders offer advice on every aspect of construction to streamline your project and ensure your budgets and deadlines are met. Mastro 5 Design also provides quality control and project management services from start to finish should you need them, we can also help with ensuring the best price on all the materials purchased, due to our connections with trades and suppliers.

Is it possible to design a building customised to suit the conditions of its surroundings and enable natural living for people using the space? Yes, it is. Mastro 5 Design & Construction was established to make the most of sustainability and natural living. At Mastro 5 Design & Construction, our motto is, “Design to Live, Built for life”.

New Homes Builder Canberra


New Homes

Mastro 5 Design is here to make your exciting journey hassle-free, quick and pleasurable. We build all types of new homes – from small condos to huge villas. We build eco-friendly and sustainable homes that leave a minimum carbon footprint.


Extensions Builder Canberra



Extending a home and adding extensions to the existing structure is a cost effective way of making the space more functional for your current needs. With expert construction and high quality materials, we make sure that our extensions remain strong for decades.


Landscaping Services Canberra



Landscaping adds charm and character to your house. Our highly qualified team of designers and landscapers bring your outdoor space to life by adorning it with the most suitable flora and ornamentation.