Bathroom Renovations Canberra

Bathroom Renovations Canberra

Looking to change the appearance and ambiance of your bathroom?

Want a new bathroom that is eco-friendly and sustainable?

Mastro 5 Design & Construction is at your service.

We specialise in affordable bathroom renovations in Canberra. We also infuse eco-friendly elements

in the bathroom design, making it sustainable and cost effective to maintain too. At Mastro 5 Design & Construction, you get bathrooms that you’d proudly want to show off!

What Bathroom Renovation services do we offer?

  • Complete design overhaul
  • Installing new faucets and bathroom supplies
  • Re-situating plumbing
  • Creating more storage space
  • Adding a dash of creativity and appeal to the bathroom

The builders and interior designers at Mastro 5 Design & Construction can add virtual space to your bathroom through smart design and make it look larger than it actually is.

Whatever is your requirement, be it as small as adding a storage space or as big as a complete renovation, we at Mastro 5 Design & Construction are happy to help. Empowered by a staff consisting of MBA members, we not only deliver the results you want, but also go beyond your expectations.

Why work with us?

We make the renovation process simple for you. All you need to do is contact us. Besides taking up the renovation work, we also get you the best faucets, tiles, vanities and other bathroom accessories. So, essentially, we are your one stop shop for your bathroom renovation requirements.

Mastro 5 Design & Construction specialises in building sustainable and eco-friendly bathrooms. By hiring us for your renovation job, you take a step towards green living. Besides, these bathrooms are easy on your pocket too.
We are very transparent with our pricing policy and charges. You get a comprehensive quote after our engineer inspects your bathroom and takes stock of the renovations required. We do not charge any kind of hidden charges, not do we spring surprises on you. With Mastro 5 Design & Construction, we deliver what we promise.

Our service highlights

  • Cater to all bathroom renovation requirements, big or small
  • Special attention to every job
  • Skilled workmanship
  • Use of high quality bathroom faucets and accessories
  • Sustainable design
  • Prompt communication and efficient service

We can completely change the way your bathroom feels and looks, and deliver the completed job within stipulated time frames. We do not compromise on the quality of work.

Contact us for functional and visually appealing bathroom renovations in Canberra. Call 0413 133 362 for more information.

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