Decks & Pergolas Canberra

Decks & Pergolas Canberra

Equip your home with a functional and attractive deck and pergola to make the most of the weather in Canberra. Mastro 5 Design & Construction creates innovative outdoor living spaces that suit your requirements.

Tempted to spend a lot of time outdoors in the bright and sunny climate of Canberra? Why don’t you add a nice outdoor living space in your house?

Be it repairing a worn out and deteriorating deck, or a completely new deck, we are equipped with the expertise and experience to do the job perfectly. Our first priority is to use high quality materials for the construction of decks and pergolas.

Why Mastro 5 for your Decks / Pergola Construction?

We understand that every person has his/her own unique interpretation of a perfect outdoor living space. So, when we work with you, we start by getting to understand your ideas and requirements. We work with the goal

of building an outdoor space where you will want to spend time in and which soothes your worries away.

Creativity is our forte.

While ensuring that the outdoor space is sustainable, we also ensure that the space is appealing and totally in sync with the rest of the house. Our designers come up with innovative concepts to make the space warm and inviting.

You can choose to use the outdoor space we create in any way you want – be it as a therapeutic space or an entertainment hub – we build it exactly as you envision it.

When it comes to outdoor spaces, one of the most important aspects to ensure is their suitability to all weather conditions. The materials we use for construction are resistant to sun, rain and snow.

With Mastro 5 Design & Construction working on your premises, you can be assured of having a living space that extends all the way to the back fence. The extended living area adds more space to your house, without causing a big dent in your finances. What’s more, our unique work techniques and craftsmanship ensures minimum disturbance during the course of work.

The highlights of our work

  • Timely completion of the job
  • Weather resistant decks and pergolas
  • Ornamental appeal along with strength and structural stability
  • Creative designs
  • Sustainable construction

Contact us today to get your dream pergola/deck. Call 0413 133 362 a no-obligation quote.

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