Landscaping Services Canberra

Landscaping Services Canberra

Landscaping adds charm and character to your house. At Mastro 5 Design & Construction, we come up with bespoke, creative, sustainable and high quality alfresco spaces that complement your personality.

Our highly qualified team of designers and landscapers bring your outdoor space to life by adorning it with the most suitable flora and ornamentation.

How our Landscaping Services work

At Mastro 5 Design & Construction, we keep three things in mind during the design process:

  • The architecture and style of your home
  • Your specific ideas and requirements
  • The harsh extremes of the Canberra weather

Every landscape we design is customised to suit the exterior colours and the architecture of your house. We begin with examining the premises in order to understand your requirements. Our in-house designers come up with sketches based on the examination of your premises and your requirements. Our objective is to create landscapes that are functional, visually appealing and suitable to the local weather conditions.

Our Landscaping Services

Providing bespoke solutions for recycling water and harvesting rain water is one of our specialities. We integrate these solutions into your landscape design, thereby making it eco-friendly and sustainable.

We also provide a landscape designer if you require a specialist. When you work with Mastro 5 Design & Construction, you get access to a team of qualified horticulturists who have several years of experience. They suggest suitable plants as well as specific areas for plantations to suit the climate in your region.

The entire team works with you to come up with bespoke landscape plans. The team discusses all aspects or challenges with you before finalising the design. With a qualified and experienced team handling the job, you can be assured of a visually attractive and functional landscape.

Why Mastro 5 for your Landscaping needs?

  • Bespoke landscape plans
  • Innovative and sustainable landscape plans
  • Eco-friendly building processes to reduce carbon footprint
  • Landscaping for residential and commercial spaces
  • A team of experienced landscaping experts and horticulturists
  • End to end services, from designing landscapes and providing estimates to planting
  • Building retaining walls, pergolas, driveways and other outdoor elements
  • Efficient customer service with regular communication with all clients

We are thoroughly professional and committed to perfection. You can be assured of a garden that you’ll love to show off!

Contact Mastro 5 Design & Construction today for eco-friendly and affordable landscaping. Call 0413 133 362 for a free no-obligation quote.

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