New Homes Builder Canberra

New Homes Builder Canberra

At Mastro 5 Design & Construction, we build eco-friendly and sustainable homes that leave a minimum carbon footprint. Our team specialises in the use of solar passive, wherein naturally available sunlight is optimally used to control the temperature of your home.

With ample light and breeze streaming in from the right directions, your new home is going to have a lot of positive energy. At the same time, it makes the home noticeably energy efficient.

Our creative team comes up with innovative ideas to build a home that is functional, personal and visually appealing. Whatever is your vision of a dream home – a grand Victorian mansion, a simple contemporary condo, a modern futuristic home or a rustic space – our designers are up to the task.

One aspect that ranks high on our priority list is maximum and optimum space utilisation. With effective use of space, we can make even small rooms look big and airy!

Why Mastro 5 Design & Construction for your New Home?

Building a new home is very exciting. From the planning stage to the moment when the ground is actually broken to lay the foundation, and to the day when you move in – the thrill never dies down.

Mastro 5 Design & Construction is here to make your exciting journey hassle-free, quick and pleasurable. We build all types of new homes – from small condos to huge villas.

Highlights of our service

  • Eco-friendly homes
  • Use of recycled materials where possible
  • Specialising in solar passive concept
  • Innovative bespoke plans
  • Maximum space utilisation
  • Plenty of storage concepts
  • Homes with high energy rating
  • Timely completion of the job
  • Well built homes that stand the test of time
  • Trustworthy company

No job is too bog or small for us. We work with the same passion and excitement with all our clients and give them a home of their dreams.

Throughout the process of design and construction, we maintain regular communication with you and keep you updated with the developments about your new home. We take your approval before every stage of construction.

Contact us to know more about our eco-friendly and sustainable homes. Call 0413 133 362 for consultation.

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